My Family

My Family

Friday, August 21, 2015


Just weighed and I have lost another 3 pounds YAY! This week I have been pretty busy with support plan meetings and visiting clients. I don't mind writing the supprt pans and I like the visits so it's been a good few days.
We have had thunderstoms daily though- good for thegrass- but not much fun to drive in. I've had to leave town a few times but managed to avoid the big storms. My little ole' Prius is still tooling on. I have 184000 miles now or maybe a few more. I just hate the hassle of buying a new car but one of these days I am going to have to.
Meals have been simple- lots of leftover soup from the freezer and I'm thawing a chicken now to roast tomorrow. Today my sis is taking a day's vacation and we are going to Daytona Beach to the flea market. I haven't been for 2 or 3 years so that should be fun. We'll walk a lot but of course, we will also eat lunch somnewhere. Last time we found a cute deli and I had a Ruben sandwich with a big juicy dill pickle. We might stop there again. If I remember I can bring my little cooler with an ice pack. I should get it ready NOW! I'm looking forward to buying some veggies- I've been craving a big red tomato, bought one at the supermarket, and it was not tasty at all! I want a garden fresh one!!!
Not much going on here. I have 2 or 3 bags of stuff to give to Goodwill and I am still purging. For a person who used to collect, I now have really no collections I care a whit about and very few possessions that I cherish. I also have a tub (yeah, my masrer bathroom tub) full of things for my grands to sell. They can keep any $$ they make- Barbies, Star War/Harry Potter figures, designer purses, etc. Now to get rid of them!! Funny but my kids don't like it when I offer them their old school reports, photos, etc. I guess they think I'll want to keep those things forever NOT! DD who is 42 needed her SAT scores from the late 80s and yep, I found them!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just a few minites here since I need to shower and start getting ready for today. It will be busy for sure and for the first time in 3 days, I will be driving. It's actually kind of neat to stay home 2 days in a row. My sis and daughter both work fulltime with long commutes so they really appreciate staying home once in awhule. Now I understand!

Yesterday food was OK- I had the leftovers but around 6 PM, I was craving something so got into the  remaining granola I had made for the grandsons. Oh my- it was EXCELLENT! I need to give it to them soon!!!!  Younger GS got his cast on- neon green. His youth group is having a party Saturday and I told him I'd make whatever he requests. Older GS always wants my fresh strawberry cupcakes but younger is so not a foodie. I'll see what he says.

I'm going to weigh in now- hope that granola didn't ruin my numbers. Honestly, I can gain weight in a bat of the eye. It seems the only way I lose is to really restrict my calories. That's why I am just going for a small number. My birthday is in November and I'd  like to have lost some weight by then and get into my smaller jeans...yep, several pair I bought thinking they'd fit soon.

Menu- finish up the leftovers or freeze.  Salad sometime today- I have 2 organic ones left.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looks to be another great day. I sure got a lot done yesterday and am doing the same so far today. I'm not leaving except for a few walks around the neighborhood- no $$ spent either! The chicken chili I made yesterday is so good. I've now eaten 3 bowls of it- I sauteed onions and celery in a little olive oil, added a diced chicken breast, 3 cans of white beans (mine were all different), a carton of low sodium chicken broth (I like to make my own but had none left), a jar of green salsa and seasonings. EASY! I ate the oatmeal as usual for breakfast and will have some eggplant and salad for dinner. I don't usually snack too much- maybe a frozen ice bar.

Tomorrow I have a court date and then will hit Aldi's for some produce.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Manic Monday

OK today I am going to get a lot done. This weekend I did very little housework and very little for my job. I did manage to bake my client's cherry pie yesterday and deliver it to him. I had to call his service provider and make sure he didn't eat it all in one setting LOL. Next time I think I'll make an individual pie for him and his housemate. I am now on the look-out for mini-pie pans!

Bad news for younger GS- he fell and hurt his arm Saturday night. It didn't hurt too much but yesterday the arm was swollen so DD took him to an urgent clinic and his wrist is broken! They put a splint on it and sometime today he will have to get it casted. He did not want to miss the first day of school so DD will get him in for casting later in the day. She is a literacy coach at a HS so can't take off today for sure!!! Of course, this means no piano for awhile too.

Good news- I weighed and lost 4 pounds last week. Of course, it was kind of a beginning for me since I had not been eating well in July at, ice cream, ice cream, wine, etc.  Today it is chicken breast, salad, and maybe some rice. I am so not a rice fan but I eat anything. I just made my oatmeal and will have it in a minute and then it's start working for an hour, walk for 20 minutes, read the newspaper- 2 minutes haha (our local is POOR) and then make some calls beginning at 9. Since I am such an early riser I get most of my work done before 11 AM!

Friday, August 7, 2015


Yay- it's Friday. I am hoping for a nice productive day. Sales tax holiday starts so I might force myself to go shopping. I really would like a new bedspread- mine must be 15 years old- but that is definitely a want. I have a couple of coupons but don't want to just use them to use them! Also I am supposed to bake but not in the mood now. The recipient doesn't expect his cherry pie any special day so I can hold off. Maybe I'll do some pool exercises.

Diet is going well- oatmeal sitting beside me. I have read eating the same breakfast everyday is a good thing to do when trying to lose weight. I am going to make the eggplant parmesan regardless of it being the only thing I bake. I like it and it fills me up. I do need to drink more water....I have almost quit drinking diet cokes but I sometimes will have one in the evening but just one.

School starts here Monday! So early and the kids just got out June 7th. I have 5 clients still in school, all ESE. They seem to like it just fine which is good.  Most of my clients go to an adult training program. It gets them out and the programs are better than sitting at home watching TV.

I just started reading a new book last night. It is an amusing story. So far I have read 79 books which my brother found amazing. Of course, he only reads nonfiction/biographies and I prefer contemporary literature or classics. It rarely takes me over 6 nights to finish a book.

Oh I might watch part of the debate that was on last night. Since I only stream I can't see any program until the next day but hey, only cost is $8 Hulu Plus and I love the British shows.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Wedding yesterdaywas very nice or should I say last night. I brought home the baby and got her to sleep. DD's visit has been nice- we are going shopping later which means I am skipping church. They are going to brunch at soninlaw's parents' house for the wedding. His sister was the bride. She played volleyball in college- full scholarship- and pretty much all her former teammates were there. Oh my, what pretty gals over 6' tall. I didn't see dates though but my other daughter said they probably just wanted to go out with their girlfriends- all are around 23-27.

I just paid my credit card- I've been charging a lot!!!  I don't keep a balance though WHEW! I promised the grands $100 each for school so will give little one the same amount for today. Tomorrow night DD is hosting a barbeque and then Wednesday the Californians are back to SF.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Monday...OK lots to do and boy have I been busy. Pool looks great; yard looks great; house looks OK LOL. Company arrives and then it will be go go go. I have a 10 AM doctor's appointment this morning and am trying to get my important paperwork done before then- not for doctor but for my supervisor! I have to go grocery shopping also.

Of course, I have been reading a lot and watching a little Hulu. My walking continues but as for the diet, well, I got off track but am back on today and yes, I did drink some wine. I'm not buying any more for awhile though! My Dd loves my angel food cake so guess I need to whip one up and hope it rises LOL. Eggs have gone up but really, I don't use many and I was able to get butter $2.49 a pound yesterday after church. I only bought 2 since I don't bake like I used to! I do miss my baking.