My Family

My Family

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

YAY November!

I'm a few days behind but I love the month of November...these days. When I lived in the Midwest and East, it was usually dreary and chilly but now, here in Florida, the month is GORGEOUS and besides, my birthday is this week LOL. Halloween was nice- my little sister and nephew drove for the weekend from Myrtle Beach and the nephew and my grandsons went trick or treating. I gave them all my left over candy. I was thinking last night I sure could use a bite or two of a Snicker's, but thankfully , it is GONE.

Yesterday I made a Thai recipe- not too calorie dense either. It called for light coconut milk, stock, red curry paste, lime juice, onions and garlic. Next time i'll add more veggies besides the diced chicken breast. I made some brown rice and will be eating it today and tomorrow. I served it with a nice green salad. I have been making my own simple dressings these days- no chemicals or ingredients I can't pronounce.

I have a nice case of poison oak, sumac, ivy??? on my right forearm. It appears when I was picking up and carrying yard debris, I contacted something! Drat it- it itches and I am doing my best to not scratch. I've had it almost a week so it is starting to get a bit better but according to what I've read, it could last up to 3 weeks.  I had something similar about 20 years ago so guess I can't complain too much.

Not much else going on. My sis and I have decided we are going to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving. It's about a 6 -7 hour drive. My daughter here in town usually hosts but this year her motherinlaw wants to host and even though we are all invited, we thought it would be fun to go away. I'm sure we'll all be shopping Black Friday. As for me, there is really nothing I want to by so I'm good with just tagging along. If I had any ideas what the grandsons want besides cash I'd buy it. My 1 year old GD is taken care of. My siblings and I don't exchange gifts and I don't buy for the 4 nephews- I probably will give them each a twenty when I see them over Thanksgiving and that's it. I like to buy my clients who have no family something really nice but they are pretty easy to shop for. This past year I did the dollar a 52 week money challenge. Each week I would put that sum in an envelope. I think I have about $1100 now! Week one=$1; week 23=$23.  It's a fun way to save up for something special.

Weight loss is going slowly but that's my fault. I am still walking daily- at least 10000 steps and I haven't had fast food for ages. I did eat a little candy and I had a few Oreos (bought to dip in chocolate for the clients)- all are out of the house now). I saw my doctor a couple of weeks ago and am in fine health. My short term goal is to lose 5 pounds by Thanksgiving. That sounds easy doesn't it or should we say doable? I love to bake but I am not going to overdo it...don't overdo...don/t overdo.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Love Fridays! I've been busy this week but have been eating well- lots of veggies and greens. Yesterday I made the French dip again- beef roast with broth and lots of onions...very tasty. I am not a bread eater but I did have it for lunch with a roll. I weighed today and I am down 12 pounds since I started dieting seriously about 6 weeks ago.  I'm always on a kind of diet and always breaking it...I've been good this week though and even taking a fiber supplement daily and eating some probiotic yogurt. I am so not a yogurt fan but I have been the opposite of frugal and buying the little packages- only 4 ounces with 3 grams of fiber.

I have finished all the books on my nightstand and need a library fix. The last 2 nights I have been re-reading book 4 of the Harry Potter series LOL. Last week I finished Circling the Sun about Beryl Markham and a great one by Alice Hoffman. All my reserves at the library aren't in yet so guess I will keep reading HP.

Beautiful weather here- just beautiful. I even turned the air off several days but alas, I did turn it back on late yesterday. I can sleep when it's cold but not when it's hot- no way. My mums are gorgeous too but of course, they don't last long.

I mailed my adorable granddaughter a package yesterday- gosh, I always forget to factor in the cost of shipping. I had bought her a trench coat (size 2) and cute outfit on sale at Janie and Jack, but the sale was kind of reduced with the $18 it cost to mail to San Fran!!! I tried to stuff a few things into the box but that was hard. DD doesn't have a lot of room in the apartment and she does not want a lot of STUFF! I get that. I have finally got my family to understand I don't want STUFF either so they buy me cosmetics and gift cards which I love or actually listen and give me nothing! My sis finds that so offensive but if I tell someone to not buy me a thing I mean it- same with thank yous. I usually tell the recipient their verbal thanks was enough and to not send me a thank you. Just me....

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sunny Saturday

Hope I am not being too optimistic with my post title! We have been having a lot of rain but so far it looks good for a pleasant day. I want to get some yard work done and blow the leaves off the driveway.  I just got back from Winn Dixie- they are having a Saturday only sale with lots of bargains. Since I eat very little meat, I only spent $50 and that did include 2 BOGO packages of antibiotic free/organic fed chicken breasts. I also bought several cans of vegetables- I prefer fresh but these can be donated or used sparingly.

It amazes me the processed foods folks buy- I'm afraid I have turned into somewhat of a food snob. I pretty much eat everything from scratch and lots of dried beans, too. A blog I read and enjoy just posted about all the processed crap they got- I don't care if it's free- I won't eat canned soup or Chex Mix (now I like to make some at the holidays heehee but not the kind sold ready made). I don't care if you are not watching your sodium, don't eat that processed junk. Honestly, I think my good health is due to eating wholesome foods! I will eat sugar but I want to make my own desserts and no boxed cake mixes either. Sorry- I just can't help it. I have converted my kids now too. Shred your own cheese too- it takes just a couple of minutes and no added filler.

I have been eating my oatmeal every morning with just a little FF milk and maybe a dash of maple syrup or Stevia. For lunch I usually eat leftovers if I am home or go without when I am on the road. this morning I sauteed some onions and celery and added a little broth and diced some potatoes for potato soup for later. some people won't eat regular potatoes but I see no problem with that. I do rat sweet potatoes but I prefer white. I also have a butternut squash I'll make soup with later in the week. They are a pain to cut up so usually I half, microwave and then can scoop out the flesh I cook with some broth, add a little ginger and yum. It freezes well too.

I am going to do a little sewing again so need to see what material I have in stock and then plan what I want to make. One of my client's mother has so many beautiful quilts she buy from a friend. The family recently found a woman who only quilts by hand and sells her quilts for $200! I want one. I guess the drawback is she smokes and the quilts stink but my client's mom said she cleans them before she brings them inside. She is going to bring a couple home so I can choose one next time I visit.

Speaking of smoking, my sister is quitting! I am so proud of her and hope she can continue to be strong. I have never had the habit but I do know how hard it is to give up something you enjoy! My late husband smoked but quit when we had our third child. He was a very determined man. Sadly he only lived 8 years after that, but they were smoke-free (I think he slipped up a few times but never in front of any of us). None of my kids smoke and really, the only person I know of who still smokes is Sis, a few clients who can't afford it, and lots of staff at group homes I visit (can't afford it either). Why is it so many poor people smoke even though they have been educated it is bad for them? I guess it's the addiction and the difficulty it is to stop. Oh and maybe denial? How many times have I heard someone say 'something will get ya...' I'll NEVER give up the fight to lose weight- NEVER!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I was just thinking it has been awhile since I posted. Boy time sure does get away from ya...I remember when I was younger I'd make a calendar and cross the days off. I could be waiting for the end of the school year or hey, the first day of school (yeah, I always loved school and still do- I've gone back a few times for classes) or my wedding, or due date of a child, etc...Now at my age I wish time would slow down!!!!!

Things are going well. I have been very diligent with my dieting and have lost about 10 pounds now- maybe a few more! My clothes are definitely looser and I might even fit into one of the 4 or 5 pair of smaller jeans I have in the closet! I am  not a clothes horse so these have been purchased because they were a good price and I thought they'd fit- I hate to try on clothing and also to return things!

The fridge is really bare so guess I will go grocery shopping this morning. Tomorrow I have to go out of town and will be gone most of the day. Friday it's the same and I think my son is coming Saturday. He got his ticket but I just found out my daughter and family are going to a church retreat all weekend. So she is trying to see if he can change the ticket. She and family were gone a few days (Friday-Monday) and I did not remember the exact retreat date! BTW I dog sat the 4 days she was gone. The dogs were sweet but a pain too. I did get exercise walking them 3 times daily and cleaning up the mess one left me every morning UGH. I still need to vacuum and wash my bed linens. I like animals and have had 3 cats and 2 dogs myself, but it so nice to not have that responsibility!

I've been craving a ruben sandwich so I might buy the fixings and make myself one or I might not! I rarely eat bread and probably would do better with roasting a chicken and veggies. I'll see what is on sale and go from there. Usually I have my menus planned but since I got son's call I am just not sure!! I know if he comes he will want my veggie chili. That I know!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hump Day

Well, it's Wednesday. I've been watching my food intake, drinking no wine and walking daily. Yesterday was a good day- I went to the bank and stopped briefly at Aldi's and that was it. This afternoon I am starting my client visits and will pick up a little produce today. For some reason I have been craving pizza so I'm thinking I will make one this weekend. All I need are some mushrooms!

Oh yes, I cleaned the house yesterday and that had to burn off some calories. I've been wanting to do some sewing but will wait until mid-October after our big state review, When I sew, even though I pretty much have 2 empty bedrooms, I like to use the DR table and spread out all my sewing 'stuff.' I don't want to start until it's over!

Not much else going on here. My daughter starts her new job. She is hopeful this career move will get her an assistant principal job very soon!Next week I will be driving the grands 2 mornings to school since she can no longer do it. No problem for me since I am up early. My younger daughter and family are going to Hawaii later this week. I sure hope for nice weather for them and a safe flight!

Oh I have now read 94 books this year. I think this is a record for me. I've been keeping track with a journal about 10 years now. I have 2 books on hold I need to pick up today and the good news is the last couple of books I read I really liked. I prefer contemporary books with quirky people in them- I love Richard Russo, Ann Tyler, Ann Patchett, Alice Hoffman, etc. I'm not fond of mysteries or romance. I also like paper- my kids gave me a Nook and I've been offered a couple Kindles but no, I like paper!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


It's here. I am going to try to post at least every other day. I just ate breakfast- some leftover chili but, hey, it was good. We've been having some nasty weather and I've been busy finishing up my progress notes, visiting clients, making contacts, etc. Every month I have the same requirements but of course, new things happen and occasionally a crisis occurs. September is usually busy because next month we have our yearly audit.
 I'm going to lose at least 5 pounds this month! YES! So far I am down about 8 and very pleased. My freezer is getting empty and the pantry is looking good too. I have plenty of dried beans, rice, etc and not as much cheese. I find if I have no crackers in the house, I don't eat cheese often. I am thinking up menus and will shop accordingly after the ads come out. Maybe Sis and I can hit one of the big box stores this weekend. She belongs to all 3 through her company- Sams, Costco and BJs.
Menus: These should last me 2-3 weeks. I try to avoid beef and eat no pork although I love it!
roast chicken with veggies (4 or 5 meals not counting soup)
turkey breast and trimmings (I have one in the freezer)
turkey enchilladas
homemade pizza with lots of veggies and little cheese
black bean soup from dried beans
tuna salad
salmon with mushroom sauce/brown rice/veggies
marinated shrimp/brown rice/veggies
minestrone soup
broccoli soup

Friday, August 21, 2015


Just weighed and I have lost another 3 pounds YAY! This week I have been pretty busy with support plan meetings and visiting clients. I don't mind writing the supprt pans and I like the visits so it's been a good few days.
We have had thunderstoms daily though- good for thegrass- but not much fun to drive in. I've had to leave town a few times but managed to avoid the big storms. My little ole' Prius is still tooling on. I have 184000 miles now or maybe a few more. I just hate the hassle of buying a new car but one of these days I am going to have to.
Meals have been simple- lots of leftover soup from the freezer and I'm thawing a chicken now to roast tomorrow. Today my sis is taking a day's vacation and we are going to Daytona Beach to the flea market. I haven't been for 2 or 3 years so that should be fun. We'll walk a lot but of course, we will also eat lunch somnewhere. Last time we found a cute deli and I had a Ruben sandwich with a big juicy dill pickle. We might stop there again. If I remember I can bring my little cooler with an ice pack. I should get it ready NOW! I'm looking forward to buying some veggies- I've been craving a big red tomato, bought one at the supermarket, and it was not tasty at all! I want a garden fresh one!!!
Not much going on here. I have 2 or 3 bags of stuff to give to Goodwill and I am still purging. For a person who used to collect, I now have really no collections I care a whit about and very few possessions that I cherish. I also have a tub (yeah, my masrer bathroom tub) full of things for my grands to sell. They can keep any $$ they make- Barbies, Star War/Harry Potter figures, designer purses, etc. Now to get rid of them!! Funny but my kids don't like it when I offer them their old school reports, photos, etc. I guess they think I'll want to keep those things forever NOT! DD who is 42 needed her SAT scores from the late 80s and yep, I found them!