My Family

My Family

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Heading Toward March

I can't believe it is almost March and 3 months past Thanksgiving!  You all know how much I love the holiday season starting with Halloween. I have been doing remarkably well on my diet goals- eating pretty healthy foods and trying to walk, move a lot daily besides not spending any money or little! Of course, that's not counting the $10,000 new roof that was a necessity.
today is tuna day.Ii have had 2 cans in the refrigerator for quite awhile and have never opened them. I only chill when I am contemplating making tuna salad HEEHEE. I have plenty of greens and a couple of hardboiled eggs that should be eaten SOON.
We've had rain lately and cooler temps so that isn't good for cheerfulness but I have been enjoying watching some TV and sorting through things. Church is having a big yard sale late in March and I want to donate STUFF! All is well.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday- yay. Of course it's supposed to rain which delayed the new roof. Oh well, I have procrastinated for so long what's a few days? I am thinking I might make a few visits to clients this morning. My car probably needs gas too and I am thawing a turkey breast which means roasting. I have no big plans- watch some TV and scrub the kitchen floor. Menus are made and food is still plentiful. I'll weigh later. Yesterday my youngest sent me some Valentine's candy. Fortunately I think I can dole it out slowly. She was being sweet which she is! Exercise- going to get up and walk here in the house.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Going to be a decent day today with temps going up to the low 80s next week YAY! I bought a few groceries and will be making some rolls/bread tomorrow morning. I started all over with a fresh 'starter' so had to let the yeast work. Not much on the agenda today- maybe a little yardwork. I walked 20 minutes this morning and plan to do some more later- no excuses. Menus not made- still cleaning out the fridge and freezer. Oh why oh why do I waste food?? It's my pet peeve but when I have things with month old expiration dates (shame on me) in the trash they go. I had 2 tubs of Sabra hummus I bought when I had company that never seemed to call my name...I have 2 tubs of cottage cheese unopened that I must eat this week or they will expire too. So guess it's cottage cheese for lunch and dinner today.  YUM....

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Almost February

Boy have I been a slacker. I hate January too and two of my kids were born in that month.  Neither are with me now- California and North Carolina- so I don't have those celebrations to look forward to. Oh thankfully it is almost February. I really need to lose a few pounds ASAP. My jeans are tight and I don't like that. I am pretty good at maintaining weight but I've let the scale go up a few pounds UGH and the worse thing is I haven't been eating a lot of wonderful foods!!!  It's that darn portion control. I seem hungry and overeat. Last night I had a delicious salad and even ate it first. Then I had a chicken breast stuffed with LF cream cheese and chives plus some roasted potatoes and after I ate that ALL, I had a weight watcher ice cream bar and wanted more!!! My water intake has been down too. I'm thinking drink more water and maybe I will feel full! I also am thinking of good superbowl foods- snacks with lots of cheese and fat. NOOOOO!
So should I start being strict today or wait until Monday???  Yeah, those 2 cookies I ate for breakfast won't help me with the sugar cravings will they? I am trying to stay out of grocery stores and eat the foods in my pantry/freezer. That's going well until I see a supermarket ad and then I just have to get that bargain. NOOO! This is ridiculous!!  I need an intervention and I also have been having wine too often. So change it!!!  I know I can do it- I have before. OK I'll report back after the weekend if not before.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Beautiful morning- menus made and grocery list on the fridge. New week- new motivation! All is well. My new grandchild will be  a girl YAY. I have been buying cute little girlie things and reminiscing when Abbey was a child herself. I really want to lose 25 pounds before I make that trek to San Francisco and be in the best shape I can.  Older daughter is buying Disney passes again and I think that's a good plan also. I love going there and it's fun to hang out with the grandboys who will only be getting older. I still need to work on exercising or in my case, walking! Why oh why won't I start back walking at the mall? It was fun for awhile and I know it would be again in the beginning!!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I had no idea it has been so long since I posted. Good news is I am still watching my weight- I have lost about 25 pounds but I did eat too much Halloween candy drat it! Budget is good- I'm still working and enjoying it and I will be seeing my kids in December. Also, I am going to be a granny again. Youngest daughter and her husband who live in San Francisco are expecting around the first of May so life is good. I'm not even hoping for a girl..heehee.
Right now I am roasting a turkey breast. I have been cleaning out my fridge and freezer for over a month and still there is a lot left- not much meat but lots of goodies and vegetables. We all know how much I enjoy baking. So today will be turkey and veggies and then tomorrow will be turkey and veggies, etc.
We're having some gorgeous Florida weather- in the mid 70s and nice and sunny. I love this time of year!!!
I am going to try to post daily; just a few lines. Oh the weight lost was mainly counting calories and walking daily.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's September

Things are going well- diet with healthy food and not shopping so much!  I am trying Dave Ramsey's envelope system. Of course, that won't fly when we go to Disney next week. Tickets are my annual pass and the hotel's been paid for but food, gotta eat. I'll be walking a lot and that has to count for something.

Got some really good news but I can't write about it yet but soon. Also, I have bought a few Christmas gifts YAY and already started thinking about the holidays.  I just love the upcoming season and am never unhappy to see summer go. Of course a bonus will be no heat or air conditioning for a couple of months heehee.  I swear my air conditioning has been in since early May non-stop.  I have a system now- I set it at 78-79 during the day and then start slowly turning it to 74-75 in the evenings for bed. I can't stand to sleep in a hot room!

I have been wearing my pedometer and tracking my steps- verdict is I need to move more!  I putz around the house plenty but it is definitely not aerobic!

Food planned for today:  oatmeal for breakfast, salad with tuna for lunch and finish that salad tonight along with some green beans.  Not a lot of food but the only way I can actually drop pounds. Lots of water on the menu- I have to pick up GS at 1 PM so will hold off until I get home.