My Family

My Family

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rainy Thursday

Yep- raining here all afternoon and supposed to last through the evening. Not much going on- I made some potato soup and finished up some of my kale. Tomorrow I am taking GS to auditions at the high school (teacher's work day- no school for kids)- I can't believe he will be there next year. Brag here- he and his brother are both gifted and in the gifted program. At older GS's in district school, it's the AICE program- not many electives but he loves music so chorus and band will be his. Unfortunately he can't just do jazz band and will have to be in marching band which he really did not want to commit to so this boy will be busy the next 4 years. He also plays baseball and wants to be on the school team- I don't know how he can do it. DD and soninlaw wanted him to do the IB program but he wouldn't have been with his friends and you know how that is with kids. Anyhow that will be a couple of hours for me tomorrow.

GD is sick too- first time outside of sniffles since she was born.  DD says her fever goes down though so no worry. Wish I lived closer to them drat it! My Dd is a terrific mom though- she chose to stay at home even in expensive San Francisco.

I don't do my taxes until April since I have to pay as an independent contractor.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hump Day

Can't believe it is already Wednesday. Not too much on the agenda- next week I will wish I worked harder but I'm being a bit lazy this week. Don't know why- oh yes I do; the additional workload! I have to call brother about this weekend and just found out my other brother is flying in from Iowa the end of February for the weekend. He will probably stay with my sis but I can cook one night. or NOT!

 I used to entertain a lot but these days I don't have the time or inclination. For years my husband and I had a huge Valentine's Day party with probably 50 people. I did all the food too. During the years I have been to many catered parties and had friends who would never think of making their own food, but not FRUGAL me. I have quite a recipe collection of appetizers and desserts!

Second day in a row for great weather. I even managed to walk 12000 steps yesterday. If I start soon I might be able to match it or come close! I also have 2 bags to donate to Goodwill and some DVDs for a client to sell. I told him if he only gets a quarter each it's more than nothing!

Right now I'm cooking those chicken wings I talked about in the crock pot for broth and have ingredients setting out for potato soup. I wasted some kraut but I just was tired of it!! It was a bit dry too.  I just ate 2 eggs and 2 turkey sausages for breakfast so my oatmeal will have to be a snack. My sis says I'm the only person she knows who can eat breakfast at 5 AM.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Beautiful Weather

Oh my another stellar day is predicted here- 63 now and a high of mid 70's YAY! I'm staying home unless some crisis happens and then guess I'll have to leave. Yesterday I ended up going to 2 grocery stores, making sure a client got a lease in new place, grandsons' house, and the post office to mail GD's Valentine's gifts. I ate some sauerkraut and beef for lunch and dinner and got my cookies baked and delivered. Pretty productive! I also ran the Roomba- oh I am loving it- and cleaned the kitchen.

I just decided to make a menu of sorts here. In the old days I made monthly menus and then weekly ones and posted the evening meal on the fridge. I've always been lucky- no one but youngest daughter was very particular and even when she lived here, she was fine with a sandwich. She doesn't even care a lot for sweets!

Monday- Sauerkraut and beef ribs
Tuesday- Kale salad and kraut/ribs
Wednesday- Artichoke chicken recipe (I'm trying 1 new recipe a week)
Thursday- Artichoke chicken, cottage cheese, 3 bean salad
Friday- Bean soup from freezer
Saturday- Fridge cleanse and probably lunch out for bro's birthday
Sunday- What else? Chicken but I haven't decided how to cook it. I also might make some potato soup too since I have celery, onions and potatoes.

I also saw an easy way to make chicken stick- slow cook a couple pounds of chicken wings with water for at least 8 hours. Supposedly gives you the really nice golden stock. I have a couple pounds of wings in the freezer so I might make some of that soon. I quit buying the boxed broth- no flavor and pretty much just water! I'm eating oatmeal every day for breakfast and lunch is usually leftovers, soup from the freezer, etc. I don't think much about it and I have a surplus of eggs now.

Monday, February 1, 2016

First Day

Yes, it is February 1st! I love the first days of the month- you start a new calendar page and everything is fresh and organized. then real life starts!!! OK I am going to try to post more frequently and I am still working on cleaning put food in my pantry and refrigerator/freezers, going to lose weight and save money for something special- maybe a Disney cruise I can take the family on. We love Disney and friends who have cruised with them just love it.

January was a fine month- a little chilly but then I previously complained about how warm it was before Christmas. Can't have it both ways. Two of my kids turned a year older LOL and my grandson went to DC with his class and just made it home before the big storm hit. I really should make more of an effort to see the boys- they are so busy though and I am too. I've been going to make cookies for 3 days (ingredients are out on the counter) so I'm thinking bake them soon and deliver them after they get home from school. Youngest has piano at 4- I used to take him but now his teacher comes to the house. OK that's a plan.

I also have a package to mail to my GD so she can start wearing the contents before Valentine's Day. I bought her a little outfit with hearts and Elmo PJ's. The boys will get $20 and some candy. My middle brother is turning 60 this weekend so my sis and I will take him out for lunch. He lives about a half hour away. I also bought him a big container of mixed nuts. He always gives us a bottle of wine but he doesn't drink so nuts for him!

Confession here- I love my Roomba. If you would have told me how convenient it was I would have said" yeah, and a lot more $$ than a broom or vacuum" which is true but oh boy, do I love it!  My house has never been cleaner!

I am going to tally everything I spend here for the next month. January I spent around $300 on groceries and not one meal out but a latte  at McDs and a sandwich at Fresh Market. I didn't buy myself any clothes and pretty much avoided all holiday sales- just a couple rolls of paper for less than a dollar. I bought some chlorine for the pool and ink for my printer, planner for my job, wine to drink, paid my nephew for some yardwork and that was it besides the usual expenses including charity/church and gifts to family/friends.

Menu- leftover bean soup and salad for meals today and tomorrow sauerkraut and beef ribs. I am going to try to make my own sauerkraut sometime. My mom's friend had a huge crock of it all year round at her home- she lived until her 90s too! It's something no one in my family ever made. They canned too and we made ice cream a lot on the summer. We had lots of stews and soups and every Sunday we all went to Sunday school but Dad who started Sunday dinner and then joined us at church. When we returned home, the roast, potatoes and carrots were done. Funny because now my sis and one brother won't eat it- they said they got sick of it as a kid. Not me- good ole' comfort food. We had the leftovers for dinner too! What kind of food did you eat as a kid? Mom had a few things she cooked and that was it! Meat loaf, pork chops, the stews/soups and rarely lettuce, green vegetables but peas and always bread/rolls. We ate lots of white potatoes too.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Friday here and I've been working hard at the computer since 5 AM YES! I have a lot of work this month and want to make sure it gets done and meets my standards! I did read about Jonas coming quickly to DC and I am so glad I don't live there any more. Now my son is supposed to get back there soon. He's been in SF visiting his girlfriend and sister.  Hopefully he will be able to get back for work! He's a nurse anesthetist and works long hours so he can have at least a week off every so often. It must be hard on the body but he's still young.

No junk food still going well- I did order some Valentine's candy from See's for a few folks but nothing for me. I don't even have the craving. Yesterday I had a meeting an hour away and stopped on the way home at Fresh Market- love that store. It is $$ but fun to browse through and buy some things you rarely see in another store. I guess I am just not that frugal but then I know the next couple of months the ole' paycheck is gonna be nice. I ended up buying a freshly made sandwich on some onion roll, some nutritional yeast and homemade saurkraut. I still have some chicken tenders so I'll eat them with the saurkraut. I've never bought that yeast but I've heard it is good on popcorn and I do love popcorn. I usually pop mine with a little coconut oil on top of the stove but around Thanksgiving when my sis took me to Costco, I bought a neat popcorn popper. It's shaped like a round glass pitcher and you just add 2 silicone lid's worth of popcorn, put that little lid back on and microwave 4 minutes. You can add what you want which is just salt for me. I like it- it doesn't pop a lot though. When I want more, I use the stove. I actually ordered some gourmet popcorn on amazon last year- I like the white kernels and they are hard to find. I'll be ordering again from that company.

Everyone stay safe- it's 63 degrees here already but supposed to rain and then get much colder in the morning. Next week I have meetings and scheduled visits almost everyday so I'm going to try and have a relaxing weekend and finish the little pinafore. I also have 3 books to pick up this afternoon at the library- I've read 7 so far this year. I'm not even going to try to bet last year's record.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Busy Tuesday

Looks like after 10 AM today, I'll be BUSY! I have 16 new clients (temporarily) and need to visit them all. So it will be one visit after another this afternoon. I'm thinking I'll just microwave some frozen food I have and eat that for dinner. Lunch will be a shake lurking in the garage fridge.

 So far I am doing great on my junk challenge! It's mainly because I don't have anything but clean food in the house- except the lollypops and they are out of sight. Also I really think it helps to be busy- I've been sewing and so far, my back is good.

We finally got some cold weather- too bad it wasn't before Christmas. I still feel like the holidays just slipped by too quickly and I didn't get to enjoy them. Grandson is in DC now. I wonder how he is liking the really cold weather LOL. My soninlaw has never experienced  cold weather and he was thinking grandson could get by with just a hoodie/sweatshirt. NO- not with temps in the 20s and 30s! My kids all lived in colder states so know what COLD is.

I want to exercise more- well, maybe not want or I'd do it but need. Let's see how many steps I can get in today. I still wear my Fitbit daily but I don't do much about the reports I get sent weekly. I don't think I;'l have a lot of downtime today but surely I can walk around a store if nothing else.

OK time to do some paperwork! Have a good Tuesday.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Seems like spending fasts are all the rage now. I just read a blog where a person was starting a fast food fast. Now that makes sense to me! I don't eat fast food often but I do like homemade sweets. This is going to be harder for me but I'm going to try it for 3 weeks starting right now since I just read the blog! Here is the basic list. Of course I already promised someone I'd bake him a chocolate cake for his birthday next week but I can leave before he cuts into it. Thank goodness he didn't ask for carrot cake YUM. Now will be allowed tortilla chips I bake from tortillas- I think so since I eat them with salsa LOL. I can make my own rules.
White Bread
Ice Cream
Fast Food
Candy (No See's lollys for this gal