My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Wedding yesterdaywas very nice or should I say last night. I brought home the baby and got her to sleep. DD's visit has been nice- we are going shopping later which means I am skipping church. They are going to brunch at soninlaw's parents' house for the wedding. His sister was the bride. She played volleyball in college- full scholarship- and pretty much all her former teammates were there. Oh my, what pretty gals over 6' tall. I didn't see dates though but my other daughter said they probably just wanted to go out with their girlfriends- all are around 23-27.

I just paid my credit card- I've been charging a lot!!!  I don't keep a balance though WHEW! I promised the grands $100 each for school so will give little one the same amount for today. Tomorrow night DD is hosting a barbeque and then Wednesday the Californians are back to SF.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Monday...OK lots to do and boy have I been busy. Pool looks great; yard looks great; house looks OK LOL. Company arrives and then it will be go go go. I have a 10 AM doctor's appointment this morning and am trying to get my important paperwork done before then- not for doctor but for my supervisor! I have to go grocery shopping also.

Of course, I have been reading a lot and watching a little Hulu. My walking continues but as for the diet, well, I got off track but am back on today and yes, I did drink some wine. I'm not buying any more for awhile though! My Dd loves my angel food cake so guess I need to whip one up and hope it rises LOL. Eggs have gone up but really, I don't use many and I was able to get butter $2.49 a pound yesterday after church. I only bought 2 since I don't bake like I used to! I do miss my baking.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Looks to be a productive day and a pretty one too. I did a little yard work already and am ready to go visit  a client and then off to Aldi's. I have a sort of list but will undoubtedly go shoping again before my company arrives next week. Also I need to shop for something to wear to a wedding- maybe just a pretty top to go with a couple of skirts I have. No one will be looking at me!

Would you believe I am eating some leftover bean soup here for breakfast. It has some tomatoes and is actually not too bad, cold and all. Right now no food appeals to me- can hardly believe that!!!

My to do list is dwindling- pool is looking great and wasn't too $$- well, in the scheme of things. The repair person kept telling me what a deal I got...well, I doubt it but since I procrastinated so long I wasn't about to get 3 estimates.  Oh and then he must have told me 4 times what a nice lady I was...yeah. OK.

Just took my walk and forgot to type that. I didn't go quite as far because my ankle was bothering me a bit. I am sure it's all the yard work I have been doing- no biggie. I just am careful and know my body pretty well.

Time to finish my progress notes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday already- meals planned, walk ready as soon as it is light out, more yard work and then visits to a couple of clients. I need no grcoeries but I do want to go to a thrift store. Yesterday I stayed home all day! I don't do that often. I got so preoccupied I forgot to deliver some potato salad for the homeless until I got a call requesting it! Mondays our church feeds them downtown. I help sometimes but in the summer, there are sometimes more volunteers than diners. It's a really a nice thing several chirches do in my area. Our church pretty much has the same menu- potato salad, chicken, greens, fruit, rolls and usually brownies for dessert. We provide bottled water too.

I was just thinking about food- a blogger I read is giving up his artificial creamer. I always wondered how he reconciled using it several times a day even though he included it in his calorie count, but that stuff is full if chemicals.This particular blogger won't touch sugar. To me sugar is not the enemy- I still use it to bake and even add a little to recipes like cole slaw, 3 bean salad, etc. I'd have to say there are just a few foods I can't keep in the house very long- ice cream and crunchy PB. I can binge on both of those!

$$ I'm still doing the $1 a week challenge- it's a lot of fun. Every week I up my savings by a dollar. I believe this is the 27th week so I put $27 in my envelope. Next week it's $28...By Christmas I'll have over $1200 in that little envelope! We don't buy many gifts here- we celebrate by getting together and playing a dice game for loot. Everyone gets something and it's a lot of fun. We usually have a table full of interesting things. I give everyone a hundred dollar bill and the kids get a gift or experience. The grandsons just used their experience zip lining and had a ball. It cost me $200 but it was thrilling for them. I paid for Dd to accompany them- $65 a ticket. Now they want to go again!!

It's almost light so I can start walking. I love my fitbit which was a Mother's Day gift to myself. I average around 8000 steps daily. I want to get it up to 10000 but haven't been able to in this heat yet! I can't walk until it's light though!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Short term goals

It's Monday. I was thinking I might set some short term goals for myself this morning and TRY to get them taken care of this week.
1) Call pool repairman!
2) Make menus
3) Get paycheck and cash/deposit it
4) Vacuum pool area
5) Finish bushes in frront and pick up debris

OK I also want to find a new bedspread- mine is only about 15 years old so I'd say it is not a frivolous purchase. I also want to vacuum and mop all my floors but since the grands and granddogs will be here Friday night, I'll wait until the weekend.

I had a pretty good eating weekend and did my usual walk plus the yardwork exercising but I did have some unnecessary wine. No wine this all. It just adds calories!  As soon as I get off here, I'm weighing myself and then coloring the roots. Yes, I keep thinking it's time to stop with the hair, but since I am still working and don't want to look too ancient, I'll continue for now.

I did buy 2 toys yesterday at Big Lot's- 20% off the entire store and this week, I'll be looking for some more at thrift stores around town.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Church and then a couple of errands on the agenda. Big Lots has 20% off everything and Penny's has 25%. What's with that? I still need soemthing to wear to a wedding and I like to have a gift stash. What can I say lOL? I got a neat cookbook in the mail yesterday and have 2 more coming- all deals and less than $5 each with good low cal recipes and not processed foods.

I'm about ready to start my walk- today I VOW to log in all my food. I forget since it's not a habit yet and same with this poor excuse for a blog. anyhow all food listed today and I plan on having 2 small glasses of red wine. I want to finish the bottle hahahha.

I have been up since 4 but I got a good night's sleep and before I dropped off, I almost finished my book. I have now read 74 books this year. I am really on a roll- guess it's becasue I am not watching much TV. I don't count cookbooks!

Tomorrow I will weigh but it looks like I have done very well this week as I should have since I've been really monitoring my food intake.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Frugal Friday

TGIF! Love this day. Visited a couple of clients and then stopped at the library and got 3 books I had on hold. I LOVE my public library. It amazes me how many people don't use this lovely resource. Now I am making a big pot of chicken soup. I poached 2 chicken breasts yesterday- big ones too!- and now have diced them, added cut up carrots, onions and celery plus seasoning and that will be lunch and dinner for the next few days. Diet is going GREAT! I am really not hungry and not obsessing about food. Disclaimer: I did check out a couple of cookbooks and arrange all my diet ones on the bookshelf, but hey, it is working.

I'm thinking of five frugal things I did this past week-

1.  Planned menu and stuck to it.

2. Shopped at Aldi's and Winn Dixie just for their BOGO after looking carefully at the ads and making a list.

3. Stayed home one day and did all my own yard work (well I always do but it is frugal).

4. Used scrap paper for notes and also did not print everything using expensive ink.

5. Used vinegar to clean and held off on buying a Rhoomba.